Programming is real-life magic.

Using incantations rich with arcane symbols, we bring life to inanimate objects. Amazingly, our bidden servants often do exactly what we ask. Programming languages are wands we use to help channel this magic. They are fascinating tools that I have always loved learning more about.

I never wanted to create my own programming language. The world is already rich with excellent languages. Do we really need more?

My passion is the open 3D web. Some day, I hope to see people surfing worlds as easily and as usefully as they do web pages today. I am neither the first nor the last to have this dream.

Sadly, 3D is still difficult and expensive magic. Sculpting and animating 3D objects takes skill and time. Scenes full of objects are often massive compared to the Internet pipe they must travel through. Helpful “glue” standards are lacking.

I believe our current programming languages also hinder widespread creation and use of 3D objects and worlds. The most popular, performant language for 3D, C++, is over 30 years old. If you are an expert blessed with time, C++ is a very potent wand. Personally, however, I find C++ spells to be unnecessarily verbose, redundant and hard to understand. Furthermore, safety is not guaranteed when using a C++ wand.

The design goal for Cone, my 3D programming language, is to build a wand able to channel all that power in a more streamlined, accessible, safe way.

This blog is my way of sharing what I learn along the path of my programming language journey.

I hope you will find it enlightening and fun.

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3D web evangelist. Author of the Cone & Acorn programming languages.